Be more keen, or a little bit more observant. Your own body is greatly mysterious in its own way, in its creation. I don’t know whether am the only one who experiences these things. At times my body behaves in ways beyond my own understanding, things or situations happen around me that I can’t expain.


I don’t know what causes dreams, all I know is that dreams are normal. We see visions, get to live our ambitions, we live our fantasies, get nightmares… the list is endless, all these happen in our dreams. But more extra-ordinary things happen, take for instance when you are in the middle of your dream eg a certain party.. Someone turns on the music system (in your dream) and all of you in that particular celebration sing to it and dance, but then as the music in the dream continues you wake up only to realise its your ringing phone, or alarm. Another example is when in your dream someone decides to call you… at first the voice is abit faint, then it gets louder and louder.. And then at last it is loud enough to wake you up…here you get up only to realise your mum’s voice calling you from outside, but then you remember someone was calling in the dream….

This things might seem normal because they happen each and every other day, but I don’t think they just happen.. Like how do they connect, what’s the relationship between the voice in the dream and the one that is calling in real life. How does the music in the dream and that of your ringing phone connect such that the moment the person turns on the music, that’s when your phone decides to ring… How do this things happen???
You might have dreamt about someone you’ve never met before, like you first meet in your dream. But then weeks later, or months or even get to meet the person in real life as they appeared in the dream. Remember this is someone you have never seen before, he/she appears in the dream first and then in real life later on, exactly the way he/she appeared in the dream. This again leaves me with questions?????
I once asked someone the reason behind dreaming and he told me that dreams are the thoughts and occurrences of the day that reoccur in our sleep. Like they reflect. I don’t argue with that opinion, but look at this. I once dreamt that i was flying a plane, the thought of travelling by planes seldom comes to my mind leave alone flying one. I have never told someone that I’ll fly a plane or anything related to that…but in my dream, there I was. What happened???
You are for instance seated somewhere, then a particular action takes place, or a series of actions take place in a particular progressive manner,..then in your brain you are like, ,”I have seen this before “, recall that same progression of actions, in your mind you know that this action took place sometimes back, in the same way it has done. This may happen twice,thrice or several times…but every time it happens you are unable to connect. You are unable to put the pieces together,.. Then you just assume and life goes on. Someone explain that to me please..what exactly takes place.,??
The last that is so scaring and maybe more mysterious than all the above,is this.. You are asleep,halfway can hear people talk, but you are unable to move any part of your body,its like you are paralyzed from head to toe, at times it feels like a thousand-tonne lorry has been laid on you. You experience a certain degree of torture, very severe and painful. The good thing is this does not last for long, your body can get back to its normal functioning at the slightest touch..then you get up probably sweating.. The feeling you get is that of a narrow escape. You make the sign of cross. But then do you question what has just happened to you??

You will all agree with me that these things happen to most of us, maybe not all..but some and they are way beyond our understanding, its like they are controlled supernaturally.

This article is a result of a troubled mind, if anyone has an answer for this,I’ll be greatful if its shared. I just want to know.. What, why..does it happen. What exactly goes on??.

               Dennis K Bundi.

Published by Bundikiambi

"GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons." Desiderata


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