I am not like you man,
Not as wretched as you in an old bottle of grape juice,
I am a fish of air, drunk of arrant breath,
I am not like you man,
Whose ire beats fire and iron to blood,
And only peace is womb,
I am the sere leaf on u ant road,
I am not like you man, I am the mad man of the marketplace,
I dance to the wind chimes and rhymes of breeze n sea shore splash,
To the crickets, the foot stamping of the river,
The downpour and the sun’s sour,
I am not like you man,
Not a buff of coloured stones and lust,
I lie snug in winter and scout the sun later,
I am not like you man,
Whose god peers through the clouds above your heads,
I am an accolade and sexton of mines fane,
That stand on knees and twin pillars,
I am not like you man,
Who follows the narrow path to Elysium,
I Am the thorny vines on the road to limbo,
I am not like you;
A bowl of stewing poison and herbs,
A grave pit and a watering hole,
A word of truth and dumb silence,
I am what he wants you like,
I am human.


I’m certainlynot like you man,
Not endowed with portions of admiration and love charms
I’m a loner, I travel the dark alley in the woods.
I’m not like you man,
Not as handsome with a box jaw and silver teeth,
Not with well proportioned imposing appearance,
Not attractive in shapes and forms, and colours as you man.
Certainly not pleasant in spirit and noble ways,
I’m unreasonably dark and thin,
I’m plain, meagre and unrefined.
A sight to fled.
I’m not like you man,
Not a clear sky not an open book.
Not untarnished, not pure not illuminated,
I’m soiled and drenched in untidiness,
I’m filthy and blemished, impure and unchaste.
I’m not like you man,
I’m the cob that grows black while others flourish,
I’m the stinking corpse lily, yes the corpse flower.
Not as fragrant as you, not a sweet-smelling garden,
I’m foul aired, I stink like a rotting carcass.
I’m not like you man
Not canopied under the arrows of rain, or the rays of the scorching sun.
I’m a desert ephemeral, I wither quick, I die fast.
I’m short-lived.

By Payson Musheria and Dennis K Bundi.

Published by Bundikiambi

"GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons." Desiderata

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