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The world of entertainment is always on a regular procession and these past three weeks have had their fair share of allotment.


After eight years of an epic ride in the fantasy and serial drama filled show, Game of Thrones finally took its last bow on 19th may 2019 in a quite unexpected, uneventful and fun-denying last episode of a dramatic season finale.
The show that for eight seasons awed us with staging of; walking dead, zombies, fire spitting dragons, epic battles, the unburnt, unmatched mediaeval wisdom, classic comedy, rise and fall of kings, Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, Targerians and other names that would send our tongues bleeding trying to pronounce among other things, boosting it’s ratings high and making it one of the favourite shows of all times and apparently one of the most pirated.
Thousands of emotional fans all over the world took to the internet to express their feelings and some dissatisfaction over brutal and equally fretful ending with character development and the plot writing going senile as major deaths and unforseen conflicts arose clouding the entire season with confusion that saw the much coveted Throne end up with one of the least expected characters.k
Now movies have been known to inspire all kinds of emotions and feelings, but for a show that hit it’s fans so hard emotionally leading to creation of Bark.com, an online therapy-offering market place that offers game of thrones therapy (which apparently is a thing now) for the emotionally torn fans, commands quite a loadsome of respect and attention.
Either way, all said and done let’s say our goodbyes to the thrilling show in its own farewell words of the nightswatch, “Now it’s watch is ended, and we shall never see it’s Like again”.


The music world is still healing from the heat of DJ Khaleds’ brand new 11th studio album “Father Of Asahd”, released on 17th may 2019.
The 15 track album features collaborations from great names in the industry from Jay-Z, Nas, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Chance the rapper, Cardi B amongst many others.
With tracks like Jealous, You Stay, Just Us, and others, the album has already scooped position one on iTunes and apple music within a very short while, while also breaking the servers on YouTube.
Father Of Asahd is indeed riding high.


“You don’t own a person, and it doesn’t always work out”, concluded a long Instagram breakup post from comedian Eric Omondi, drawing the end to their four year relationship with Chantal Graziolis.
The engagement that enthralled Kenyans with its sophisticated nature; expensive birthday surprises, welcome home billboard, and a BMW car for valentine’s gift amongst others, came to an end with the couple citing distance as the key player in the break up. They however vowed to remain friends.

Just a week after Eric’s viral breakup, the Tanzanian power couple Juma Jux and Venessa Mdee called it quits after rumours of alleged cheating from Jux. The Breakup so the Niroge hit maker take to Twitter to express her distress acknowledging that her much publicised relationship wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns as it was made to seem.
Reports of their break up were confirmed by singer Mimi Mars who is Mdees’ sister on Wasafi TV, saying the couple was no longer going out.

Meanwhile,a video of Gospel crooner Willy Paul emerged in the internet showing him grinding on not one but several women in a club and publicly filming it. The gospel hit maker never runs shot of drama, as this is only the latest of his many encounters with controversy.

Heavens are smiling on the east African music base as this week favourite hit makers decided to bless the industry with a brand new playlist that will get you stuck on repeat mode.
The songs are:
Patoranking ft Nyashinski – Nakupenda
Harmonize – Never Give Up
Nadia ft Masauti – Lola
Mboss khan – Maajab
Sauti Sol and the entire Sol Generation – Extravaganza

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