By Bundi Dennis Kiambi

Yalikuwa yamenitesa hadi ya kuteseka. Nikawa mnyonge, nikachekwa, sikula, sikulala, yakanichoma moyo na kuunguza. Nikajionea haya, nikakosa raha.

Maisha yakawa hayana maana, nikawaza hadi ya kuwaza, nikawa nimefika mwisho wa fikra. Nikalia machozi yakesha, kutwa nikakosa utulivu, kucha nikawa sina usingizi.

Nikaijutia nafsi yangu, nikajichukia kisha nikalaani, nikajilaani mwenyewe kwa kuwa zumbukuku, nikalaani uwepo wangu katika dunia, nikalilaani jina langu, nikawa nimetamani kifo.
Mapenzi yangu ya mauti yakayapiku yale ya uhai.
Nikalaani mamangu mzazi, nikamlaani kwa kunileta duniani, nikamlaani kwa kunilea na kunitunza siku zote hizo kisha nikaiishia hali hii.
Nikauchukia ulimwengu na viumbe vyake vyote, vina faida gani kwangu? Nikaichukia alfajiri, nikayachukia machweo. Nikatamani sana dunia ipasuke iumeze uhai wote wa ulimwengu, inichukue Mimi na viumbe vyote vilivyomo.
Nilichukia siku za mbeleni, nikakata tumaini.
Siku zilivyozidi kusonga, ndivyo kidonda kilivyozidi kunitia taabu, kikakua na kuwa kikubwa. Kikasambaa na kutambaa mwilini kote, nikakonda nywele zikawa nyekundu,midomo ikawa kuni.
Nguo zikanivaa, maozi yakanitoka Pima. Kucha zikaning’oka. Kisha ngozi yangu ikawa inajivua kutoka mwilini.

Siku zikajizorota , zikasonga.
Haidhuru, yaliwadia.

Siku ikafika, utulivu ukanijia, mchanganyiko wa furaha na majonzi, nikaona kupumzika kwaja, nilikuwa nimeitamani sana siku hii. Ilikuwa imewadia, nikavaa tabasamu, ubaridi ukanijia mwilini, nikayafumba macho, Giza……..

© Dennis K Bundi.



Be more keen, or a little bit more observant. Your own body is greatly mysterious in its own way, in its creation. I don’t know whether am the only one who experiences these things. At times my body behaves in ways beyond my own understanding, things or situations happen around me that I can’t expain.


I don’t know what causes dreams, all I know is that dreams are normal. We see visions, get to live our ambitions, we live our fantasies, get nightmares… the list is endless, all these happen in our dreams. But more extra-ordinary things happen, take for instance when you are in the middle of your dream eg a certain party.. Someone turns on the music system (in your dream) and all of you in that particular celebration sing to it and dance, but then as the music in the dream continues you wake up only to realise its your ringing phone, or alarm. Another example is when in your dream someone decides to call you… at first the voice is abit faint, then it gets louder and louder.. And then at last it is loud enough to wake you up…here you get up only to realise your mum’s voice calling you from outside, but then you remember someone was calling in the dream….

This things might seem normal because they happen each and every other day, but I don’t think they just happen.. Like how do they connect, what’s the relationship between the voice in the dream and the one that is calling in real life. How does the music in the dream and that of your ringing phone connect such that the moment the person turns on the music, that’s when your phone decides to ring… How do this things happen???
You might have dreamt about someone you’ve never met before, like you first meet in your dream. But then weeks later, or months or even years..you get to meet the person in real life as they appeared in the dream. Remember this is someone you have never seen before, he/she appears in the dream first and then in real life later on, exactly the way he/she appeared in the dream. This again leaves me with questions?????
I once asked someone the reason behind dreaming and he told me that dreams are the thoughts and occurrences of the day that reoccur in our sleep. Like they reflect. I don’t argue with that opinion, but look at this. I once dreamt that i was flying a plane, the thought of travelling by planes seldom comes to my mind leave alone flying one. I have never told someone that I’ll fly a plane or anything related to that…but in my dream, there I was. What happened???
You are for instance seated somewhere, then a particular action takes place, or a series of actions take place in a particular progressive manner,..then in your brain you are like, ,”I have seen this before “, ..you recall that same progression of actions, in your mind you know that this action took place sometimes back, in the same way it has done. This may happen twice,thrice or several times…but every time it happens you are unable to connect. You are unable to put the pieces together,.. Then you just assume and life goes on. Someone explain that to me please..what exactly takes place.,??
The last that is so scaring and maybe more mysterious than all the above,is this.. You are asleep,halfway asleep..you can hear people talk, but you are unable to move any part of your body,its like you are paralyzed from head to toe, at times it feels like a thousand-tonne lorry has been laid on you. You experience a certain degree of torture, very severe and painful. The good thing is this does not last for long, your body can get back to its normal functioning at the slightest touch..then you get up probably sweating.. The feeling you get is that of a narrow escape. You make the sign of cross. But then do you question what has just happened to you??

You will all agree with me that these things happen to most of us, maybe not all..but some and they are way beyond our understanding, its like they are controlled supernaturally.

This article is a result of a troubled mind, if anyone has an answer for this,I’ll be greatful if its shared. I just want to know.. What, why..does it happen. What exactly goes on??.

               Dennis K Bundi.


​Raise your hand to answer a question, Raise it to vote,

Raise your hand to stretch and relax your muscles,

Raise your hand too and wave greetings to your friends, 

Raise your hands in praise and worship for Our Lord God, 

Raise your hands in surrender in front of a gun man,

Raise your hands for all other reasons, gentlemen.. But don’t, in any instance, raise a hand to hit a woman. Don’t!!

                                  Dennis k Bundi.

“ Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.”
                                    Mahatma Gandhi.


You are stuck in the middle of the tension, you fear your opponents’ next move, you fight him with the same tactics he uses on you, you fight in the same level. Let me tell you, he’ll beat you today, tomorrow and forever, if you remain there.. Up your game, lift your level, do not be predictable. Don’t fire back to every shot you get, some are way below your level. You will beat your enemy to his knees the day you’ll get out of the box, the day you’ll act your real game, the day you’ll stop yapping over his/her Petty issues like status updates,funny memes and profile pictures(when they’ll stop making sense to you). The day you become mature is the day you’ll win, you’ll conquer your opponent,that’s the day you’ll win the fight and win his respect too. 

                                        Dennis K Bundi.


I messed up tonight, I lost another fight

I still mess up but I’ll just start again

I keep falling down, I keep on hitting the ground

I always get up now to see what’s next

Birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up

Nobody learns without getting it wrong

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in

‘Til I reach the end and then I’ll start again

No I won’t leave, I wanna try everything

I wanna try even though I could fail

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in

‘Til I reach the end and then I’ll start again

No, I won’t leave, I wanna try everything

I wanna try even though I could fail.

I’ll keep on making those new mistakes

I’ll keep on making them every day

Those new mistakes.


This song is phenomenal, it hypnotizes me, it reignites my love and desire to try everything I am capable of. It reminds me that mistakes don’t matter, the end result matters. Its a song that never goes boring. Its my motivation.


Your passion will take you where your name will not,..

I like getting ahead of the present into the future.. I love reinventing my fate. I would love to meet my future as I want it.  Dennis K Bundi.

Be that person you would like to meet,

Speak what sooths your ears,

Do what you do best like there is no tomorrow,

Serve the mankind create no bounds,

Have a humble heart,

Love and forgive,

Whatever you do, make sure you touch the world’s heart. 



Speak up scholar, your silence hurts. 

Your keeping quite pains.

Get up, please help,

The world needs you.

Take your part, grab the opportunities.

Seize chances, give selflessly.

The world is listening.

Speak up scholar speak.
Its your life,but..

Let it be, 

let it rain, 

let it shine, 

let the wind blow,

let nature take its toll,

Don’t come in between,

Just stay still, and let it be.

Dennis K. Bundi.



I walked through the sea and land,
I passed by the hills and the mountains of this earth,
The rivers and the entire waters of the land,
I saw animals I saw humans,
I witnessed an urge,unquenched thirst,
Thirst of both the anointed and the wicked,
Rich mans dry throat and a poor man’s echoing belly,

The entire humankind was in affliction,
I saw a dying animalia,
Entire flora and fauna in tears,
The fig tree was weak,
The olives didn’t blossom.
The sun in its glittering spears shone through
The moon in its habitation sent burning arrows

Fear roared all through,
My belly trembled.
My lips twitched, I quivered
A rottenness filled my bones.
A distance further I saw burning coals
It was raining fire,
Then a whirlwind, threatening to wipe out the entire face of the earth.
The ground beneath me shook,
Everything was falling.

Then a bang, and all went silent.

Was the Lord’s anger upon the land.
Was He displeased against the sea,
Was His curse upon the rivers ?
Because I saw,behold the fire, His glowing anger.
Beyond the whirlwind was The Lords raging displeasure.
Beyond that tumultuous fear, Lay the Lords enrage.

Dennis k Bundi.

What are we?

The earth in its vast richness, generously provides for all, it gives its best to the poor and the rich alike, to the adults and children, to the good and to the evil. We all eat from the same soil. But there is always a stiff never ending competition for things that have been there since time immemorial and will be there for eternity. Greed has blinded us, greed that never ends even when one gets all he needs. He always wants more, the rich man wants Naboths vineyard, Cain offers to God rotten tomatoes, David steals Uriahs wife, yes, everlasting greed. Everyone wants to succeed at the others expense, no room for everyone to succeed, just a handful. Jealousy has poisoned our hearts. Favoritism, nepotism, tribalism have stuck with us, no room for happiness, no room for human feelings that make us human. No fear for God, no basic rules, we are animals, beasts in disguise. Yes weve made the earth a hell of a place. Where no life exists. This, is not life.


Humans are the greatest threat to life on earth,it has always been said. Through our brilliance,inventiveness, cleverness and in the abilities that are at our disposal we top the list of the greatest threat to life on earth.

 We keep destroying; wars,environmental crisis, invasion to animals habitats,laboratory made infections. We think,eat,sleep and wake up with evil, all sorts of crimes against humanity,terrorism,rape,violence, theft(corruption). No one thinks about tomorrow, we live the way we do,in extreme poverty,unspeakable hatred,constant endless wars, all this because of our ancestors who like us never thought of life tomorrow. Fourth crusade of 1204,world wars,Taiping rebellion, independency riot and colonisation are just but a few,we still live with that trauma. We have never recovered and most likely we may not. Why?,because we are busy initiating more world crisis, people always triggering wars and others very ready, set for it.


HIV and AIDS, Ebola,STDs,Cancer and countless more,all humans faults. Look at the war of words,tension everywhere.. New weapons day in day out. Have you,or me or them ever stopped to think,What war are we preparing for?. Soon,there will be no life at all,no earth because we humans are out of control. 

We make a very small percentage of the living things,the other percentage is made up of other animals and plants,both of which fall under the responsibilities of human beings. But what is the human being thinking of?,he is filling his tummy,stealing, preparing for war,he is busy fighting life.

 If only, each one of the 7 billion or so of us decided to do the right thing around us,everyone, seen or in seclusion. If only we placed our economic, scientific and industrial capabilities, not in wars but in saving life,there would be great hope for life tomorrow. Life for all the living in generations to come. 

The power to fight evil is at our disposal, power that resembles none other,power to keep evil at bay,or eliminate it completely. Its our choice. We hold the future of the world,its either we mould it,or destroy it.